We are Wim and Saïda Tilburgs from the Netherlands, and this is our story. It tells how Wim lost 40 kg (88 lb) and reversed all the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. Along the way, he solved most of the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which he developed after serving at the UN mission in Lebanon.

Our story tells how Saïda lost 20 kg (44 lb) and reversed all her symptoms of painful osteoarthritis and inflammation. We have done so only with a ketogenic low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diet.

Wim-en-Saida-vergelijking-gewicht-2007-2016-3 Our Story

I am Wim, and I would like to share this story with the whole world. My aim is simply to show by our example that it is possible to reverse severe metabolic disease by allowing the body to heal. That means giving the body food and nutrients it needs to be well, and not giving it the foods that make it sick.

This is my story presented by Professor Hanno Pijl of Leiden University on april 12th 2017 in the European Parliament.


This is me being interviewed by Professor Hanno Pijl.


For some proof: here are the numbers for my blood work. You can see that my HbA1c went from 11,4% to 8,7% by high doses of insuline and metformin. On a ketogenic diet from 8,7% to 5,4%. Standard of care made me obese and still a diabetic at high risk. The ketogenic diet reversed my T2 diabetes.

hba1c-overview-til-march-2016-English Our Story


Sporten-en-suiker-25-7-2016-18-29-25 Our Story

Intensive scan on BG during 1 day including training.

This is a report of two weeks of intensive BG scanning.

Uitslagen-bloed-sportarts-Dr.-Visser Our Story

After 10 weeks in nutritional ketosis my HbA1c went from 76 to 37.

Before I went on a ketogenic diet, walking for 30 minutes was difficult for me. Now I swim 1500 m four times a week and do CrossFit training three times.

CrossFit-1-september-2016-na-Wod Our Story

WP_20160718_11_58_53_Rich-1 Our Story

I have much more energy now than before I went on a ketogenic diet. But that is not the the only possitive change I have experienced. There is a lot of research to show how food affects your mood. In particular, how sugar and carbohydrate foods contribute to mood swings, because of the spikes they cause in blood glucose levels.

Since going on a ketogenic diet, I have experienced for myself, the depression, aggression and suicidal thoughts that where part of my PTSD have stopped. I feel so much better both in body and mind.

How these physical and mental changes have happened, I do not know. I am hoping an expert in LCHF and ketosis will be able to help me to explain it. I believe that LCHF holds the promise of help for other veterans, wherever they are in the world.

Some other information.

I started ketogenic diet on june 3 2015 and I am still on it now. I lost 28 kilo’s (62 pounds) the first 3 months.

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Here is a photograph of when I served as a post-commander for the UN Interim Forces in Lebanon.

Wim-met-generaal-Roos Our Story

Me and the Dutch Commander in chief

This is a photograph of the Dutch Draaginsigne gewonden. I received it after being diagnosed with severe PTSD.

Draaginsige-Gewonden Our Story

Dutch Purple Heart.

I write about my experiences with LCHF and ketosis on my blog and my Facebook Group. Low Carb in Lowlands. I am also active on Twitter @wim3025. I hope you will follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook page. That will help me to spread the word in the Netherlands where there are many people who need help.

I would like to share my enthousiasm for LCHF with the whole world, and inspire people with my story. With your help, you support my mission and allow me to help more people.

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What did help me find my way.

Here is a list of videos that have helped me to understand, that despite what some doctors and dietitians still say, diabetes is not a progressive, irreversible condition. These videos helped me on my journey to understanding how to reverse all my symptoms and lose 40 kg quickly and safely. Better still, I have been able to maintain the weight loss. And all this without ever feeling hungry or deprived.

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all diet. You have to find what works for you by trial and error. These videos can  help you to find your way. What I like most about LCHF and ketosis is that it is a prescription that “first does no harm”. It is proof that food really can be medicine -if you let it.

hippocrates-quote Our Story

Let food be thy medicine

Testimonials on video who gave me support when I needed it.

For more video’s check my YouTube playlist.


Een geweldige nieuwe site!

leefstijl-als-medicijn-8 Our StoryIk ben samen met Muriel Aspin van de site MetMSenVork gestart met een nieuwe site. Het grote verschil met deze site is dat er veel meer (ervarings)deskundigen aan het woord komen die hun ervaringen delen. We hebben professor Hanno Pijl bereid gevonden om ook vragen van lezers te beantwoorden. Daarnaast vind je succesverhalen mensen die hun leefstijlgerelateerde ziekten zoals diabetes, obesitas, arthrose, multiple sclerose en nog veel meer hebben omgekeerd.